Press Release!!!!
As you know, we have had to modify how many people we are letting into the state weight meet due to COVID regulations.  Here is how we are going to allow fans in for the state weight meet:

Each qualifier will receive 4 tickets.  We will not hand out or email tickets to the coaches.  Our gate people will have a list of each school and kids' names with the schools that qualify.  They will check off names as fans arrive for each kid at the meet.

For example: If El Reno qualifies 4 kids, then they will get 16 tickets as a school.  If a kid knows they do not have anyone coming to watch them then another kid from your school is allowed to use those extra tickets.

We will also sell an extra 400 general admission tickets.  This will be first come first serve.We are able to do this because we are lifting in two separate gyms so we are spread out.  If you have any questions, please call or email Coach Atchison or Coach McGill.


Dickson High School has purchased 10 racks. If you would like to borrow them for your meet it is $500.00 and you have to pick them up and return them

Info contact: Warren Butler at 580-465-3787 or Steve Day at 405-623-1303


Chickasha Meet has been moved to Monday, Feb 22, & Tuesday, Feb. 23 

8-Man State has been moved to Wednesday, Feb. 24 at Snyder